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The University’s approach is to provide for the needs of all students in a holistic way. Student counselling, career assessment, and degree planning assistance are available, but it is up to students to avail themselves of these opportunities. Health clinics, support groups and employment programmes form an integral part 2of the caring campus environment. Disabled students are welcome and the University is committed to responding to their needs.

College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science
College of Health Sciences
College of Humanities
College of Law and Management Studies

Health Clinics

Fully trained nurses on duty – doctor by appointment

  • Assessment/treatment of health problems (referral as necessary)
  • Contraception & counselling: emergency contraception (morning-after pill), free condoms, pregnancy testing
  • Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS tests (pre and post-test counselling)
  • Assessment and referral of drug and alcohol-related problems
  • Monitoring of health problems eg. blood sugar level, blood pressure
  • Health education
  • Voluntary Counselling/Testing

Student Counselling Services

The Student Counselling and Development Centres cater for the educational and personal needs of students and prospective students. The main objective of the Centres is to further the overall academic, vocational and psycho-social development of students within the educational environment of the University. The Student Counselling Centres cater for the needs of students on the Edgewood, Howard College, Medical School, Pietermaritzburg and Westville campuses.

Qualified staff provide the following professional services:

  • Career counselling and careers library
  • Curriculum and course counselling
  • Personal counselling and therapy
  • Crises and trauma counselling
  • Study skills, life skills and diversity awareness
  • HIV/AIDS prevention programmes and counselling
  • HIV/AIDS voluntary counselling and testing (VCT)
  • Counselling for residence students
  • Advocacy and mediation work
  • Internships in Counselling and Educational Psychology

All counselling services are strictly confidential.

Students with Disabilities

The University is committed to responding to the needs of students with disabilities. The Disability Office in collaboration with University departments is responsible for developing and facilitating a wide range of services for the special needs of students eg. academic support, accommodation, finance, access, etc.

Professional Career Assessment Services

A team of counsellors provides:

  • Computerised careers assessment
  • Individual psychometric assessments
  • Individual consultation with a counsellor
  • Personalised reports on profiles: personality and interests
  • Career options and action required to make your choice successful
  • Access to a comprehensive careers resource centre
  • Follow-up consultations to make sure you are on the right path

A fee is charged for assessment (reduced rates for registered students).

Help in Planning your Degree

Individual and group career and curriculum counselling is available throughout the academic year at the Student Counselling Centre. Strategies to select subjects towards specific careers and advice regarding Faculty rules for such selection are also provided during Faculty Orientation Programmes and at registration.

Student Leadership Development Office

The University of KwaZulu-Natal is committed to producing graduates who are good leaders. This means, firstly, fostering students’ personal and intellectual development and their capacity to bring about positive change in the institution and society. Secondly, it means creating opportunities for students to develop leadership qualities and practise leadership skills. The Student Leadership Development Office works collaboratively with the academic and Student Service sectors to increase opportunities for all students in the University, specifically those who occupy positions of leadership in student governance and student societies and to develop their leadership capabilities. It offers leadership programmes, workshops and training programmes for student government and student societies as well as courses in various aspects of leadership and conflict resolution. These are open to all students.