Discover UKZN


To be the Premier University of African Scholarship.


A truly South African university that is academically excellent, innovative in research, critically engaged with society and demographically representative, redressing the disadvantages, inequities and imbalances of the past.


UKZN is at work to establish a value-driven organisational culture that empowers the institution and its people to achieve institutional goals. The guiding values are respect, excellence, accountability, client orientation, honesty and trust - represented as R.E.A.C.H.T The gist of these values is that the behaviour and actions of everyone at UKZN will demonstrate:

  • Respect: UKZN undertakes to promote mutual respect, courtesy, and inclusiveness.
  • Excellence: UKZN undertakes to display quality, leadership and energy in all that it does.
  • Accountability: UKZN promises to be responsible and accountable in the behaviour displayed towards all its stakeholders.
  • Client Orientation: UKZN undertakes to satisfy the needs of all its clients, stakeholders and partners, on a consistent basis.
  • Honesty: UKZN promises to deliver with integrity steadfastly and with adherence to good governance.
  • Trust: underpins all the other institutional values. The implicit trust enjoyed by every member of UKZN and their well-defined actions that embrace the R.E.A.C.H.T values are the important ingredients of the moral fibre of the institution.

The Goals of the University are:

  1. Excellent Teaching and Learning
    Attract high-potential students and develop them to their full potential to become globally aware professionals, leaders and citizens.
  2. Excellent Student Experience
    Produce graduates with knowledge, skills and networks to build meaningful and agile careers that can be sustained and adapted over the course of their lifetime.
  3. Excellent and High-Impact Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    A globally ranked research-intensive university responding to major societal, economic and environmental challenges.
  4. High-Impact Societal and Stakeholders Community Engagement
    Achieve meaningful interactions with stakeholders and communities for mutual benefit.
  5. Targeted Internationalisation
    Achieve an international outlook that is integral to the University’s aspiration to be a world-class African university.